Rental Firearms

Rental Firearms

Looking to buy your first gun or perhaps wanting to add to your existing collection? We have the largest selection in San Antonio of rental handguns, rifles, semi-automatic tactical firearms, and even fully automatic machine guns to choose from. Take advantage of our “Try Before You Buy” Program and find the best firearm to meet your needs. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right firearm. With our rentals, we do require that you purchase and use ammo bought here at Nardis Gun Club.

Full Auto Machine Guns

Price is per magazine and varies per caliber. Currently ranges from $35 to $65.

Current full autos at our NGC “Original” location include: FNH P90, FNH Scar16 CQB, FNH Scar 16, H&K MP5, Colt AR, and UZI

Current Rental List

Please note, availability of rental firearms is subject to change at any time.

NGC “Original” Rental List

NGC Alamo Ranch Rental List



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