Donation Requests

If you are a charity, organization, business, or any other entity looking for charitable donations, then you have come to the right place! We are happy to provide donations, however, we have established a system to make sure that we  help as many groups as we can, while supporting worthwhile causes. We have a committee that meets several times each year to discuss where and to what group(s) we will allocate our donations. If you are interested in getting your information in front of our committee, then we ask that you adhere to the following process:

Please email us at with the following information: 

1. Your name, your contact info, and your organization’s name. 

2. The mission of your organization.

3. How will the donation be used? Raffle? Drawing? 

4. Please explain how Nardis Gun Club will be presented to your members, group, etc.

For example, will we be mentioned in a brochure?

5. Please provide any other information to help us understand why we should help you. 


Organizations that we have worked with:





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