V.S.E. – Virtual Shooting Experience

Live fire – Interactive Training- move beyond paper targets!

V.S.E is our next generation targeting system that uses state-of-the-art cinema projection, dynamic audio, full motion, reactive targets all using your own firearm with real ammo. This system is designed to help build your skills while having fun! Using your choice of any number of scenarios from Hogan’s Alley to battleships, carnival games, the Old West and more you can compete against yourself, your friends, or just work on your skills. Immerse yourself thru full sound effects with the included headphones as you’ll hear every shot, ricochet, explosion and more! Please note, shooters must be at least 16 years old to use the VSE system.

Platinum and Executive Members get free usage of the VSE System

All other members can upgrade for only $10/month to get unlimited usage of the VSE System

Introductory Pricing

$15 for 30 min if using own ammo
$10 for 30 min if using NGC ammo

V.S.E. Rental Upgrades Available – $5.00 (does not include firearm)

Glock 17/19 upgrade– Includes (2) 33 rd mags and Lula loader

S&W M&P FS upgrade – Includes (2) 17 rd mags and Lula loader

Sig 320 upgrade – Includes (2) 17 rd mags and Lula loader

Handgun rentals are available for $15 each*


1 pair of electronic ear protection and eye protection included w/ session

1 paper “target” included. Additional paper is $.99 (Lasts approx. 150-200rds)

*Rentals require use of Nardis Gun Club ammo only


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