Grant Miller

Range Manager / Training Coordinator / Instructor 


Grant began shooting rifles at age 7, became an NRA Safe Hunter at 12 and is an NRA Life Member.

He has been an avid pistol shooter since 1986. Grant has graduated from many firearms training classes totalling hundreds of hours including Overseas Operations and VIP Protection. Assisted California law enforcement officers in Active Shooter Training scenarios, introduced IED Awareness, as Opposition Force.

Grant is currently an NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer who has worked with movie crews such as MythBusters and provided instruction to actors on the made for TV film Mission Park.

Emery “Z” Zambo

Assistant Range Manager / LTC Instructor

z Z grew up in Dairy Farm Country in New England where firearms and game were plentiful so he became an avid hunter and fisherman at a young age. He dedicated a lot of time to Whitetail deer and has a deer registered in the Northeast Big Bucks Book. Since moving to Texas his attention has shifted to Hogs. In 1975 he joined the Air Force and was trained as an Aircraft Weapons System tech, he retired in 1995 from the Air Force and holds Expert Ribbons in Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle.

Z has assisted the Maine State Police SWAT Team in long range shooting techniques and has trained numerous boy scouts for Shooting Merit Badges. 

Z is the Assistant Range Manager, a Range Safety Officer, Texxas LTC Instructor, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor, a Master High Power Rifle shooter and has shot in the nationals at Camp Perry Ohio six times.

Z is available for private instruction.

Ralph Hanson



Ralph retired as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and is a United States Army Combat Veteran. He has over 34 years’ experience instructing firearms training, to include Tactical Weapons and Technique Training. He was a Tactical Operator, Leader and Instructor for over 20 years during his law enforcement career. He was certified as a Firearms Instructor in 1998. He has completed numerous Tactical Certification courses during his Military and Law Enforcement career. Some of his certifications include SWAT Operations with the United States Air Force, H&K Tactical Leadership course, FBI Sniper training, Tactical Firearms, Armed Escort, Dignitary Instructor certification and a multitude of advanced tactical weapons courses. His recent certifications include NRA Pistol Instructor and License to Carry Instructor certification. His passion is teaching and advancing firearms safety and awareness through exceptional training standards. He is a personalized instructor and enjoys the opportunity to train both new and advanced shooters.

Micheal Bleier


Michael has a combined 38 years of Military and Civilian Law Enforcement experience, much of it spent training weapons and tactics in both careers.

He was an instructor at the USAF Security Police Academy and was a member of that unit’s Emergency Services Team (SWAT).   That experience formed the basis for him to lead various training sections in the military and civilian realm.  He has served as a Range Officer and Instructor for handguns, rifles and a variety of military weapons.

Michael has developed and taught many courses ranging from Legal Considerations and Use of Force for both military and civilian police, along with Small Unit Tactics for a variety of environments.  He was a primary instructor for Crowd Management and Riot Control at the University of Texas Police Academy and jointly developed a scenario based Use of Force program for University of Texas Police. 

Mike is a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Firearms and Patrol Rifle Instructor.  He has completed the Glock Instructor Course.  University of Texas System Police still uses many of the Weapons and Reality Based Training classes and courses of fire he developed during his tenure.

John Overstreet


Street has 30+ years’ experience in the field of law enforcement, in both military and civilian capacities. In the Military Police he has worked as a patrolman, Desk Sergeant, Investigator, Investigations Supervisor and as a Company Operations Sergeant. As a Texas Peace Officer, Street has worked various assignments, to include patrol, marine patrol, juvenile officer, Sergeant, Investigator, and Chief of Police.s.

He holds the following certifications from TX Commission on Law Enforcement; Master Peace Officer, Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Sexual Assault/Family Violence Investigator and Mental Health Officer, as well as Advanced Arson Investigator from the TX Commission on Fire Protection.

Along with his DPS-LTC Instructor, Street also has, DPS-Private Security Bureau Level IV and DPS School Safety Instructor. Nationally, he holds NRA Law Enforcement Handgun/Shotgun, and NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor certification

Henry Aguirre


Henry is a 24 year US Army infantry retired veteran and a former law enforcement officer of 15 years.While in the Army Henry served in 4 combat tours during the global war on terrorism. He served as personal security detail (PSD) team leader, platoon sergeant, convoy escort leader, and electronic warfare officer/counter IED subject matter expert, Entry Control Point NCOIC and was awarded the Bronze Star medal. While assigned to Cco 1/360 Infantry regiment he instructed units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan out of Fort Bliss Texas, where he taught Small Arms tactics, convoy operations, personnel recovery operations, and the Army combative program. In 2009 Henry was a team captain and competitor for his Infantry battalions firearms competition team in which they won; 1st place Sniper team, 1st place machine gun team, and 1st place combat rifle team in a regional competition. Henry has been awarded the German marksmanship proficiency badge (Schützenschnur) in the highest level of gold, and is an expert in many military and civilian firearms. As a peace officer Henry served on the Special Crimes And Narcotics team (SCAN unit) with Precinct 5 Bexar county Constables office and was a tactics and firearms instructor for TCLOE. In 2014 Henry began instructing at one of the International Training Incorporated locations where he teaches advanced shooting and tactics, and evasive driving techniques to Government agencies and military units. Some of Henry’s Certificates and training include: NRA pistol instructor, NRA Range safety officer, Glock Armorer, AR-15 armorer, Ballistic breach instructor, Advanced SWAT, Evasive driving instructor and PPCT inspector. On his off time Henry competes in local gun clubs in IDPA and IPSC matches , in which he was awarded 1st in the out-law handgun division in May 2018.

Brian Anderson


Brian has been shooting firearms for almost 30 years. He retired from the military and has served as a federal agent for the Department of Homeland Security Special Operations Unit, Counter-Narcotics, and Counter-Terrorism Task Force.

While serving in the federal government, Brian worked as a federal law enforcement officer, firearms instructor, and defensive tactics instructor. After his federal career, Brian worked as a private contractor in armed personal security, executive protection, and a private firearms instructor, as well as a training contractor for a government agency in the Middle East.

As a federal firearms instructor, Brian has worked with the ATF, ICE, Border Patrol, US Customs, and DEA, and the Secret Service. After leaving Homeland Security, Brian was recruited to serve a brief tour in the FBI.

Brian received his firearms instructor certification at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and has trained hundreds of federal agents in the proper and safe use of firearms.

Brian teaches Introduction to Handguns courses and private instruction lessons at Nardis and enjoys passing along his firearms knowledge with new shooters, focusing on basic firearm safety and marksmanship in a low stress environment.



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