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Basic Qualifications to receive Texas License to Carry (LTC)

To qualify for a Texas LTC you must:
  • Be 21 years old. (Unless active duty military)
  • Meet Federal qualifications to purchase a handgun
  • Complete required Training
A number of factors may make you ineligible to obtain a license, such as:
  • Felony convictions and some misdemeanor convictions, including charges that resulted in probation or deferred adjudication
  • Pending criminal charges
  • Chemical or alcohol dependency
  • Certain types of psychological diagnoses protective or restraining orders
  • Defaults on state or city taxes, governmental fees, or child support.

For additional information on the specifics of qualifying please visit here.

Steps in Getting a Texas LTC:


There are 2 main steps in the application process:

1. Take a training course

2. Complete the on-line application.

These steps can be completed in either order!

A. Take a training course.
  • You can take the required course here at Nardis Gun Club. Click here to see schedule of classes.
  • This required course is approximately 6 hours long and is broken up into two parts: classroom and range.
  • The range part of the class is to test you on your proficiency. It WILL NOT teach you how to shoot. If you have not fired a weapon before, you should consider taking an Intro course prior to trying to get your LTC.
  • Once you have completed the class, you will receive a Form CHL-100 which you will send in with your other paperwork once you are ready to submit.
B. Complete the on-line application. There are a couple of parts to this section.
  1. Visit to begin the application process.
  2. Pay the required fees as part of the process. List of fees can be found here.
  3. If you have a Texas ID, they will use that photo for your LTC. If not, let us know and we will take a passport photo when you take the class.
  4. Get fingerprints taken. For more information on the fingerprint requirements click here.
  5. As part of the on-line process, they will provide you will all necessary forms that you will need to print out and then submit. If you are missing any of the forms, you can download them here.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, gather all of the required forms and mail them to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Concealed Handgun – MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

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